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12 Months Nutrition, workout and Behavior Change Program

online 12 months Nutrition Program Steph

This program is not a diet

there is no calories or points counting. Life's too short to spend it counting calories, and besides we've all done these and if they worked, you wouldn't be here reading this!


Many of us are struggling to get to our healthy weight, we all have very busy lives and need help to implement sustainable new habits that will take us on the path to reaching our goals.


As a registered dietitian, I will help you to give your body all the nutrients it needs to thrive and rev up your metabolism. I will also adjust your eating to take into account any special needs you may be having such as but not limited to: diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, athlete, sports enthusiast, food allergies or intolerances, high cholesterol, kidney disease, etc).


As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I will help you implement physical activity and progressively implement new sustainable habits in your daily life.

Here's what you can expect

  • A 30 minutes Skype, 1-on-1 dietetic and coaching consultation every 2 weeks with me.

  • A healthy and sustainable nutrition plan that will fit into your busy life.

  • Your personal account on the online software Procoach. This is where you'll have access to your daily lessons, habits, your exercise program and also track all your progress. It is accessible on your computer, phone or tablet.

  • Challenging yourself at your own pace.

  • A safe and effective exercise program suited to your level and your goals, that will evolve with you during the entire year.

  • Daily small lessons (to read or listen to) that will help you implement your new habits. Many of these lessons are interactive. For these, you will be getting feedback from me within a day.

online 12 months workout nutrition and b

What I expect from you

I am fully committed in helping you reach your goals.


For this program to be a real life changing experience, I need you to commit and engage yourself.

  • Set yourself 10-15 minutes daily for your lessons

  • Practice your habits daily

  • Do your exercises regularly

  • Reach out for help whenever you need it, I am here for you

Here are 2 videos to give

you a preview of the platform

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