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Stéphanie Bonniot

Dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer  

 Puiseux le Hauberger and Chambly (near L'Isle Adam) 

Tele-health appointments also available

In person: Puiseux-le-Hauberger, Chambly (near L'Isle Adam) Oise, or remotely through tele-health services.
As a dietitian-nutritionist, I have the necessary skills to provide you nutritional counseling adapted to your needs.


My story

I am a registered dietitian-nutritionist and personal trainer with the necessary skills to help you implement lifestyle changes, including proper nutrition adapted to your specific needs, behaviour change and personalised exercise program. My services are available online via Skype no matter where you are located or in person, in my office located in Puiseux-le-Hauberger near L'Isle Adam and Chambly in France.


I am Canadian but Currently living in France. At one point in my life, I have suffered from morbid obesity. However, I managed to overcome this difficulty. I got back to a normal weight, but not necessarily by following the right methods. This has created new health issues that I struggled with for a long time some of which I still struggle with as of today.  


It was following these experiences that I wanted to share my experience with those who are in the same situation. I decided to change career by obtaining a Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2013 and  a Pn1 certification (Precision Nutrition Level 1) in 2015.

I then followed this by becoming a registered dietitian-nutritionist by obtaining a BTS Diététique de l’Académie de Paris in 2016.

Within the same year, I achieved a Bachelor of Dietetics and Sports Applied Nutrition at EDNH School in Paris , and a Pn2 certification (Precision Nutrition Level 2).

Diplômes et certifications

Diplôme BTS diététique_edited.png
Certification PN2_edited.png
Ace Certification 2019 2021 Stephanie Bo
Stéphanie Bonniot certification FODMAP.p

What motivates me the most in my new career is to be able to positively impact the lives of my patients. To ensure that not only do they achieve their goals, but that the tools and nutritional education that I pass on to them, can support them throughout their lives. That they may be able to make the right choices, to sort through the mass of  informations (not always relevant) that the media are giving us all the time.

The coaching certifications that I have achieved are part of my plan to support athletes in their training, or their preparation for competition.


My skills in the field of coaching, nutrition and fitness,  allow me to provide complete and effective support. This coaching is for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

This is so that everyone can live a healthier and more balanced life, without depriving themselves of the pleasures of food, moments of conviviality around a good table!

steph TRX1.jpg

I am there to support and guide you according to your goals. I offer you personalized support in your projects concerning nutrition and physical activity, remotely or in person in one of my private practice offices.

Depending on the reasons for the consultation, I can address many points during a first interview, to find out more about your needs, your eating habits, your daily activity. And for athletes: type of training performed, duration, frequency and intensity, and performance goals.


I can also offer a segmented body analysis

Following this consultation, I will send you an email containing your complete nutritional program with the nutritional advice provided during the consultation.

My approach

Consultation process


Sports nutrition


allergies / intolerances


Pregnant or breastfeeding women


Weight gain

Healthy cooking

Establishment of menus

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